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Locate a GT PRoviderThe Graston Technique® is an advanced form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. GT training and certification enables clinicians to effectively treat the adverse effects of scar tissue and fascial restrictions. Imitators are out there, most have little to no training program or competency checks. Anyone can buy a wrench, can everyone fix a Ferrari? Our patients deserve the best which is why we trained with the best - Graston Techinique.

Dr. Fulkman and Dr. Borgstrom are  the only Certified Graston Provider listed in Galveston County and one of the few in the Houston Area.  

Here is a breakdown on the training for more on the technique click here.

Module 1 - Basic Training

The purpose of this basic training is to introduce clinicians to GT, its clinical applications, physiological effects/benefits and potential contraindications.

  • Identify and discuss the indications, contraindications (relative and absolute) of the Graston Technique®.
  • Review and develop a better understanding of soft tissue injury, healing and potential reactivity to instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (therapeutic and adverse).
  • Develop skill and competence in the GT application of IASTM to the major regions of the spine and extremities

Module 2 - Advanced Training
This course emphasizes a Graston Technique® examination and treatment approach for musculoskeletal dysfunction/mechanical pain that can be applied in all patient cases.

Components of the GT examination will include movement loss, lesion localization and resistive testing. Preventative/corrective exercises that will augment the GT intervention will be discussed. Participants will learn to select and implement the most efficient and effective GT interventions, while restoring function and alleviating pain. The goal of this course is to advance skills in the successful management of musculoskeletal dysfunction utilizing GT and movement.

M2 Course Objectives

  • Advance knowledge of GT examination procedures for assessing musculoskeletal dysfunction while introducing the principles of regional interdependence and functional testing.
  • Enhance clinical decision making skills during the application of GT.
  • Advance repertoire of GT interventions for the management of musculoskeletal dysfunction/mechanical pain.
  • Develop a higher level of skill acquisition for utilizing GT while introducing movement, resistance, weight bearing and provocation patterns to treatment.
  • Introduce advanced GT skills incorporating IASTM with movement, with resistance, in weight bearing, during provocation and with therapeutic exercise typically prescribed for common musculoskeletal pathologies.
  • Introduce IASTM with nerve flossing techniques for common nerve entrapments of the spine and extremities.
  • Review selected case studies that illustrate advanced clinical applications of IASTM.
  • Share most recent research findings pertaining to IASTM.

THIS ---->https://gatewaychiropractic-com.chiromatrixbase.com/our-advanced-training/certified-graston-technique-provider.html

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